Events 2024

2024 Art Shows

The Library Board and the artists invite you to visit the library and celebrate artistic talent.

Creative Conversations: among friends and their art work

July 7th-August 3rd

Janes Cameron

Lucy Hensel

Mary O’Connor

Sara Peck Colby

Beth Stikeman

Vernissage Sunday, July 7th, 3-5pm

We are five women celebrating our enduring, ever-deepening friendship that harkens back to the 1950’s and summers in North Hatley. Gathering around the shared source of inspiration that Lake Massawippi and her surrounding communities gift us – we have found an increasingly common theme in our passion to make art and learn from each other’s.  Having pursued diverse life journeys in other landscapes, we return – from Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, New York City, and London, England – to Lake Massawippi to hold close and nurture the love and joy we share. This art show celebrates our deep gratitude for the magic that brought us together. We are thrilled to exhibit our individual ways of expressing ourselves creatively – a never-ending exploration. It is with deep gratitude that we get to share our Creative Conversations with you.